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Feb. 27th, 2020 01:20 pm
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1. Personal attacks upon the authors of stories and/or material quoted here are not welcome.
1a. Likewise, no attacks upon their politics/religion/etc. 
2. Please include at least one quote in each post. Even if a story seems like one long bizarre quote, isolate the best part and post that.
3. Do not post an entire story or chapter of a story. This is a quote comm, not a badfic repository.
4. Link to the source if possible. Or, if you don't want to link, at least give a vague description (e.g. 'Found on a Harry Potter slashfic archive').
4a. That is not an invitation to harass the author(s) of the fics quoted.
4b. Do not post anything hidden beneath f-lock or otherwise unavailable to the general public.
5. Put any Not Safe For Work portions behind a cut.
6. Tag the entry with the fandom(s) of the works featured, or "original fiction" if the entry is from an original work. Tags will be created upon request.
7. A story does not have to be poorly written to end up here. All it takes is one careless metaphor, or one wrong word chosen by Autocorrect...
8. If you are an author who got quoted on this comm, please note that Rule 4b should ensure that the work chosen was available publicly and thus available for public quotation. We are not attempting to cyberbully you. Rule 1 and Rule 4a explicitly forbid that.
9. Trigger warnings are advised on appropriate entries.
10. Have fun! This isn't supposed to be a Serious Business comm. Post away, treat each other well, and read bizarre quotes until your eyes cross! Though that might take only one particularly "good" quote...

The mod reserves the right to add more rules or alter the rules at any time. There will be a mod post notifying the community members of the change if this happens. 
Apologies, but the mod needs to be able to patch loopholes or correct bad wording if anything comes up. With luck, that power won't be used very often.


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