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“Madame Alexia has a daughter?” Robin stared at the bubbly girl, dumbfounded. [...] “When did this happen?”

She smiled and giggled. “Well it happened nine months ago silly. the only reason I am six now is because of an anon.”


Say what?

Mar. 5th, 2013 10:31 pm
guardians_song: A sprite edit of Nils from Fire Emblem, looking shocked: CHRISTMAS EDITION (Nils)
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Her eyes fixed intently on the slit that would widen and show her the face of her attractive brother.
Um... Is that really the first adjective that would come to mind?
Pure-Bloods where safe from Voldemort?
In the land of Google Translator, where the lie shadows.
Yeah right, not if you're one Pure-Blood that has been helping out Harry Potter and his friends and if you're that Pure-Blood who was once attached to Bellatrix's hip.
I've seen some pretty weird OC premises, but Bellatrix's-secret-Siamese-twin would have to be a new one.
The only difference between the two was the boy had two dog eras on the top of his head
Two whole eras of dogs?! Get that boy to a museum - pay him any price he asks for his service as the newest exhibit in the mammalian-evolution section!


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