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We get some fairly descent shots of San Francisco
That would be camera work far above Tommy Wiseau's pay grade.
And in that movie he plays Johnny, the finance of a pretty young woman named Lisa.

He may be the one supplying her finances, but that's one heck of a Freudian slip.
NC: Ok, if making love to your naval is boring, I don’t wanna know what exciting is.
Her naval what? Naval officers? Naval fleet? Naval bases?
NC (VO): But ultimately, he does give in, as Mark Lisa partake in spinal stair sex... interesting location,
Sounds like an H-Game that would make Saya no Uta look tame.
Mother: I got the results of the test back. I defiantly have breast cancer.
(Mother) As opposed to lung cancer, which is so mainstream.
NC looks on in shear horror as the scene begins to replay

The Critic has been terrified of shears since a traumatic incident in childhood that nearly led to him never being able to hit puberty, I guess?
NC (VO): So, Johnny finally throws the bitch out as he throws to most over-the-top yet somehow non shallont (?) temper tantrums.
The word "nonchalant" ran out screaming 'Everybody betray me!' midway through the review, so someone who is not the Lady of Shallot has been forced to take up its role. Man, who knew what dramatic tensions lay simmering under Channel Awesome's casual exterior?


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